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Earmarking in arrears (access required)

There’s falling behind on your child support payments, and there’s falling behind more than $300,000 on your child support payments. Somehow, Dr. David Gerlach managed to do the latter. According to a court ruling in the case involving Gerlach and ...

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Any Volunteers? (access required)

When Fred New contracted with his soon-to-be-ex-wife in 2002 to help cover the “ordinary and necessary” future college expenses for the pair’s two young children, he might not have known what he was volunteering for. Fast forward more than a ...

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Cross-appeal clarification (access required)

North Carolina Court of Appeals opinions

The North Carolina Court of Appeals made clear in a July 18 ruling that which the state Rules of Appellate Procedure and case law failed to explicitly state: In a single proceeding resulting in multiple orders, a cross-appellant filing a ...

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