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The pay scales of justice (access required)

This Sidebar reporter remembers being a cash-strapped lance corporal, putting on the Marine Corps uniform for pennies a day. Paid on the 1st and 15th, 90 percent of our meager wages fell prey to the subsequent weekend. We had a ...

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A weighted issue (access required)

There are several ways to get thin, should you desire. Eat healthy. Exercise. Crash diet. Or you could simply see yourself through the eyes of one Lincolnton police officer who has declared 160 to 200 pounds to be the new ...

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Armed and dangerous (access required)


A divided panel from the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last February held in U.S. v. Shaquille Robinson that just because an individual is armed, “in and of itself,” that does not provide an objective indication of danger and ...

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Top verdicts of 2016 (access required)

  1. Plaintiff wins $9M verdict against N&O   A former state firearms examiner was awarded a $9 million libel verdict against The News & Observer and one of its reporters. The 2010 article at the heart of the matter ...

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Down and out? (access required)

If the American Bar Association landed the left uppercut that stunned the Charlotte School of Law, the Department of Education connected with the follow-up right hook that put it on the deck. If it wasn’t clear to ringside observers that ...

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