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Taxing evasion (access required)

Defendant Teresa Beal was not pleased when Watauga County foreclosed upon and sold her rental property without, as she puts it, doing its due diligence to locate her and personally talk to her about her delinquent property taxes. Instead, Beal ...

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On your mark, get set, SLOW! (access required)

Today’s street slang includes the popular phrase/piece of advice, “stay in your lane.” Laconically, it translates to “mind your business.” Well, a Henderson County motorist learned from the state Supreme Court that he could adhere to both the literal and ...

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A man’s gotta have his beer

In America, freedom is not only cherished and appreciated, but expected. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly — these are rights bestowed upon every American and they do not expire. But what good is freedom if a ...

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Rebel without a case (access required)

After a two-year, $10 million renovation, the York County Courthouse reopened earlier this year to a mostly warm reception. It featured refurbished wood floors, cathedral-style ceilings, and elevators. What it did not feature is the Confederate flag and portraits of ...

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