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Disgruntled ‘employee’ (access required)

Thomas Matherly doesn’t feel valued as an employee. It’s unclear what his job at the Butner Federal Correctional Institution, located in Butner, North Carolina, actually entails, but among myriad qualms he has with his supervisors is pay. Matherly, who has ...

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It’s a wonderful opinion (access required)

Justice Paul Newby is receiving some well-deserved praise for an entertaining and thoughtful concurring opinion he wrote in the case of State v. Keyshawn Jones. Newby agreed with the majority that the state had presented enough evidence against Jones to ...

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Bring on tomorrow (access required)

Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed. May 31 might have been one of those days for Saul Alford, a 27-year-old Canton man who, if all reports coming from a Waynesville newspaper are even remotely true, ...

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Another day, another survey (access required)

Should you ever get tired of law practice, you can always get a job as an internet survey interviewer. Clearly there is a lot of work available in that field. My email is replete with press releases commemorating the various ...

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Peas in a prison pod (access required)

Typically the criminals in a prison setting are the ones wearing the proverbial orange or striped uniforms, not the blue ones with badges affixed to them. But in a series of special reports published recently, The Charlotte Observer raised some ...

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Judge to gov: Declare opioid crisis (access required)

Grim statistics on opioid addiction have spurred Brunswick County Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Ola Lewis and several other community leaders to urge Gov. Roy Cooper to declare a public health emergency in North Carolina. Lewis signed a letter earlier ...

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