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Oh, the irony… (access required)

If your mission is to oversee health and safety efforts in your community, you probably don’t want to have to close your office due to an insect infestation. It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Unfortunately, that was the position the Carteret ...

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Isn’t that special? (access required)

After the “Biblically prescribed pathway to reconciliation” failed, the senior minister at a Baptist church in Iredell County allegedly took to the pulpit and delivered a trash-talking sermon targeting the overworked church pianist and her deacon husband. The drama at ...

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Gone phishing (access required)

It looked innocent, like it always does. The subject line to the message said, “[So and so] has shared a document with you.” The body text was routine: “[So and so] has invited you to view the following document.” And ...

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Charlotte’s web (access required)

Whether you call it the SODDI or TODDI defense, it’s as old as time itself. Another dude — not you — did whatever it is you’re being accused of doing. And in the case of the Charlotte School of Law ...

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Bottom of the glass (access required)

The case of a former Wayne County Superior Court judge who was busted bribing a federal agent with beer in exchange for private text messages is nearing an end. Arnold Jones pleaded guilty in March to a felony charge of ...

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