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No opinions today (access required)

The North Carolina Court of Appeals publishes opinions every first and third Tuesday of the month like clockwork. But something unusual occurred Jan. 3, when the court system fired off a routine mass email announcing to the state’s lawyers that ...

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You callin’ me a liar? (access required)

A certified public accountant in Charlotte who is taking on the North Carolina Board of CPA Examiners has asked a state Business Court judge to remove the agency’s in-house counsel from the case because he allegedly called her a liar. ...

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They Said It: A cat call from the court (access required)

“Because the majority declines to address the statute of limitations issue, not only does it leave Plaintiff’s underlying negligence claim, like Schrödinger’s cat, in a state where it may be alive or dead, but it fails to disabuse all concerned ...

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Cruel and unusual? (access required)

Once upon a time, in the eyes of many, driving under the influence was more of an infraction than a crime. These days, even first-offense DWI carries some pretty stiff penalties that include fines, suspensions, and even incarceration. (Prison gates ...

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North vs South (access required)

The sad state of driving in South Carolina has been underscored by yet another worst-of list. This time the Palmetto State was called out for being home to the sixth-worst drivers in the nation. How did North Carolina fare? Its ...

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Lawnmower men (access required)

Robert Baker has been The Lawnmower Medic since 1992, when he opened his small engine repair business in Stokes County. Now, he has a blade to grind with Timothy Bowden, who started a similar business in 2003 and gave it ...

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