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Weird, any way you slice it (access required)

How do you like your pizza? With sausage? With extra cheese? Or perhaps with a dash of “showmanship”? These things matter, apparently, because one Greek citizen living in Massachusetts was denied an immigrant visa earlier this month at least partly ...

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Show some restraint (access required)

On the first day of testimony, on trial for armed robbery and murder, Keith Jackson made a run for it. During a lunch recess, he slipped out of his leg irons, broke away from bailiffs and bolted from the Guilford ...

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Undone by doughnuts (access required)

An Elizabeth City man’s victory in a doughnut-eating contest turned bittersweet after news reports of his win led to his arrest. Twenty-four-year-old Bradley Hardison scarfed down eight doughnuts in two minutes, beating local firemen and police officers in the contest, ...

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Willy Wonka and the Lawsuit Factory (access required)

Sidebar never thought it’d see the day when it would face the world and say … that one North Carolina attorney has perhaps watched “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” too many times. Charlotte attorney Mark Jetton was reprimanded by ...

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We can dig it (access required)

One team of history buffs in Chowan County is giving new meaning to the term “digging through the court records.” According to reports by WUNC-FM, a group of archaeologists is excavating the town green in Edenton in hopes of pinpointing ...

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Infliction of emotional distress (access required)

They’re calling it Bar-ghazi. Aspiring lawyers taking the bar exam in states across the country last week were sent into panic mode when ExamSoft, the platform used to securely upload test takers’ essays to the servers, suffered severe technical difficulties ...

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Let’s all do the bump (access required)

Proverbially, agreements are sealed with a handshake. But if lawyers wish to promote public health, perhaps they should start sealing deals with a fist bump instead. While handshakes are an easily mastered greeting ritual, they are unfortunately effective conduits for ...

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A nice pizza reasoning (access required)

Two U.S. appeals courts handed down conflicting rulings July 22 about whether the health insurance subsidies built into the Affordable Care Act should be available to citizens of states that, like South Carolina, declined to set up their own insurance ...

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