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Blame it on the beavers (access required)

House of Raeford Farms is chopping up chickens at a processing plant in Duplin County and pumping up to 1 million gallons of wastewater a day into a series of “lagoons” that are most definitely not blue. The farm got ...

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Pieces of $8 million (access required)

Almost 300 years after pirates hijacked it from the French, who stole it from the English, folks are still fighting over Queen Anne’s Revenge, the flagship of the notorious pirate Blackbeard. According to the marine research firm that found the ...

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Unlike a good neighbor (access required)

Court of Appeals Judge Richard Dietz put the matter succinctly in the opening words of an opinion the court handed down July 21. “This appeal is the culmination of a long-running dispute over $5,000,” Dietz noted, with perhaps a touch ...

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Legal Voodoo (access required)

A Fayetteville man facing charges of defrauding Wal-Mart for $28 and making threats is looking to sue a district judge for disrespecting his Voodoo religion during a recent court appearance. The man, 32-year-old Abu-Bakr Abdur Rahman, was in Cumberland County ...

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Like a cheap suit (access required)

It’s a relatively common practice for inmates to clog prison toilets and flood cell blocks by flushing toilet paper, books or other belongings down the penitentiary john, but according to officials in Arizona, a prisoner there is clogging the dockets ...

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Hog farm lawsuit leads to mudslinging (access required)

While heading home from the beach, Sidebar noticed a billboard on Interstate 40 ominously proclaiming that “foreign owned hogs are polluting your rivers.” Unsubtly, “foreign” was highlighted in red, lest anyone mistakenly think that innocuous American porkers were doing the ...

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