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Down and out? (access required)

If the American Bar Association landed the left uppercut that stunned the Charlotte School of Law, the Department of Education connected with the follow-up right hook that put it on the deck. If it wasn’t clear to ringside observers that ...

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Jeremy’s stolen

If you think Craig stealing some boxes in 1995 was nonsensical, how about the news of the insatiable Razorback in Belk. (I use “news” a little loosely; it happened in December.) Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. The idiom ...

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Seeking comment (access required)

An attempt to speak with a press person at the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office about an opinion from the state Supreme Court resulted in a trip down the bureaucratic rabbit hole earlier this month. The office is in the ...

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Ready to launch (access required)

Imagine heading out for a drive – a trip to the store or the cleaners, and the next thing you know, you’re on the roof of a house. It happened in Winston-Salem on Dec. 30. The Associated Press reported that ...

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No opinions today (access required)

The North Carolina Court of Appeals publishes opinions every first and third Tuesday of the month like clockwork. But something unusual occurred Jan. 3, when the court system fired off a routine mass email announcing to the state’s lawyers that ...

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You callin’ me a liar? (access required)

A certified public accountant in Charlotte who is taking on the North Carolina Board of CPA Examiners has asked a state Business Court judge to remove the agency’s in-house counsel from the case because he allegedly called her a liar. ...

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