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We’ve come a long way, baby (access required)

Judicial opinions are more than just precedents. They’re a snapshot of the legal attitudes of an era. Unfortunately, those snapshots are not always flattering. In a recent North Carolina Court of Appeals decision, the plaintiffs in the case cited a ...

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Was there no room at the inn? (access required)

One man’s conviction for breaking into a Cleveland County church has been overturned after intervention by a higher power. The North Carolina Court of Appeals vacated Thomas Campbell’s felony conviction, finding that prosecutors presented no evidence Campbell was interested in ...

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Take me out of the ballgame (access required)

The University of Maryland will have to call an audible in its ongoing legal battle with the Atlantic Coast Conference after its star attorneys were sent to the sidelines permanently by a North Carolina Business Court judge. Judge John Jolly ...

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Just call it ‘cert’ (access required)

As if they were not divided enough, the U.S. Supreme Court justices are split six ways over the pronunciation of the word “certiorari,” according to an article in The National Law Journal. And, according to a University of South Carolina law ...

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Fore! (access required)

A golf tip that seasoned duffers may already know: A course can be considered a public vehicular area, where it is illegal to operate a vehicle while impaired. This might have been news to NBC News commentator Roger Maltbie’s cart ...

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