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That’s a lot of coin

HIALEAH, Fla — Talk about some loose change. A Miami-area mayor who is feuding with his local commission tried to use 360,000 pennies and nickels — that’s 28 buckets full of coins — to pay a $4,000 ethics fine. Instead ...

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Gouge away (access required)

A Mississippi lawyer who represents the families of inmates is raising a stink over sky-high prices in prison commissaries. Christi McCoy is drumming up national press over $4.80 boxes of generic Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and copies of the Quran ...

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What is romance? (access required)

There is no pocket guide to love and romance; sometimes we just have to go through the fire to master these hard-learned lessons. For 57-year-old Dale Versher, finally discovering the meaning of romance meant another trip to the penitentiary. Versher, ...

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Robbery refined (access required)

Though Sidebar hasn’t personally been there, he’s always heard that Wilmington is a charming place. And apparently at least some of its crooks even have good manners. According to The Star-News, a man in mid-50s to mid-60s, wearing a motorcycle ...

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Dig ‘em up or pay up (access required)

Ricky Coates, owner of the Walden Pond Pet Cemetery in Ogden, is rallying hard for the title of Scrooge of the Year. He wants to develop and sell the cemetery land, which doesn’t sit well with all the people whose ...

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This bribe’s for you (access required)

Beer has been helping white guys dance and unfortunate-looking folks find romance since 1862, according to posters found in dorm rooms everywhere. But the world’s greatest beverage can also serve as an effective palm greaser. That’s one takeaway from the ...

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A bitter pill to swallow (access required)

Police chiefs are quite familiar with the concept of confidential informants, so it’s perhaps a bit surprising to see a former chief get taken down by one himself. But that was the fate of former Fair Bluff Police Chief Marty ...

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Not-so-brilliant deduction (access required)

Have you ever done something and just said to yourself, “Man, I’m getting too old for this [stuff]”? Well Sidebar wonders if Kings Mountain mayoral candidate Eugene “Sherlock” Holmes (That’s his nickname, we kid you not) is having such thoughts ...

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