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A perpetual plaintiff (access required)

When all you have is a hammer, everything in the world looks like a nail. Greenville attorney David Sutton was suspended from the practice of law for five years by the North Carolina State Bar on Nov. 13. (See Bar ...

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Path less traveled (access required)

A glance at 68-year-old William Ricks’ prison record shows multiple DWI convictions — at least eight — dating back to 1985. But under the law, his most recent conviction did not earn him the legal label of habitual offender. Ricks ...

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Bar exam blame game (access required)

Passage rates for the July 2014 bar exams were down all across the country (although they were up by almost 5 percent in North Carolina), leading to a round of recriminations and finger-pointing in search of a culprit. Now the ...

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If the shoe fits, you must convict (access required)

A la Prince Charming, police in Carolina Beach recently relied on a left-behind shoe to solve a mystery. Their prize was no princess, however. Billy Larkin was burglarizing a Carolina Beach condominium well past Cinderella’s curfew when the condo’s owner ...

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Making a capital case of it (access required)

Lawyers have the annoying habit of capitalizing every word of a sentence. They also are known, from time to time, for being pedantic down to the tiniest little thing. Put those two unfortunate tendencies together and you end up with, ...

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There’s someplace like home (access required)

Go big and go home. That was perhaps the philosophy of Thomas Everette Jr. when he chose to reside in ritzy Wakefield Plantation in Raleigh. After the nearly $2 million, 7,700-square-foot home with all the amenities went into foreclosure, Everette ...

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