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Hey, look, it’s Mom (access required)

If you’re whiskey, you’re against me. According to New Mexico resident Veronica Vigil, she is a church-going woman who does not partake of drugs or alcohol. So imagine her surprise when her adult daughter, vacationing in Florida, came across a ...

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No sleeping in the DOC, Doc (access required)

Few people are able to sleep comfortably in prison, according to those with inside knowledge. But according to Sivaramalingam Manickavasagar, sleep comes easy behind bars. “No one was going to hurt me,” Manickavasagar said, according to court documents. The only ...

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No luck with post-nup tow truck (access required)

Oral contracts can carry the weight of an SUV if they can be proven, but a handshake deal between divorcing spouses fighting over a Ford Expedition got a little shaky in Orange County. According to court records, Antonio Steele and ...

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How to get a new address (access required)

Sidebar slept through most of the discussion of adverse possession during Property Law class while in law school, but here’s a case of one gentleman who definitely does not own Blackacre. Shawn Pendergraft was convicted of obtaining property by false ...

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It’s aging well (access required)

As the North Carolina legislature begins its 2015 session, it’s out with the old old, and in with the new old. Last year we marked the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I; in 2015, we celebrate an ...

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A matter of constitution (access required)

An Ohio-based group is working to remove a clause in North Carolina’s Constitution that is clearly at odds with the U.S. Constitution — although the chances of a re-write may be slim. Article VI, Section 8 of the state’s constitution ...

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Making the list (access required)

Iredell County’s former top cop is now near the top of a most un-wanted list. Former Sheriff Phil Redmond was named the sixth-worst boss in America for 2014 by a panel of experts. The website eBossWatch, which styles itself as ...

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We therefore resolve (access required)

The first week of January is traditionally a time when people propose resolutions for themselves for the coming year. At Sidebar, our tradition is to propose New Year’s resolutions for others to keep in the coming year. So, without further ...

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A little perspective (access required)

People typically seek a lawyer’s advice only if they have a problem. One man recently granted a new trial by the North Carolina Court of Appeals seems to have great reason to seek advice – legal and otherwise. In October ...

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