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Snippets: If I could turn back time (access required)

The latest installment of Snippets, our recurring collection of quotable quotes from North Carolina court decisions, has just a single Snippet this week, and it comes from undoubtedly our most frequent contributor, Court of Appeals Judge Donna Stroud. In a ...

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Silent treatment (access required)

N.C. State Bar president Ron Baker has nothing to say to his former law school classmate A.P. Carlton, a Raleigh lawyer who represents LegalZoom in a highly contentious lawsuit against the bar. Carlton recently fired off a 4-page letter that ...

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The importance of proofreading (access required)

You may have heard about the flap last week involving Miss North Carolina, Johna Edmonds, whose outfits were deemed “too revealing” by many parents of aspiring pageant girls. Beth Knox, executive director of the Miss North Carolina Scholarship Pageant, defended ...

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And around and around we go (access required)

This is the kind of thing lay people make fun of the judicial system for. On March 14 of last year, Wake County District Court Judge Kris Bailey found Deborah Perkins Johnson to be mentally ill and dangerous to herself, ...

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A laughing matter (access required)

How many lawyer jokes are there? Only three. The rest are true stories. Lawyer jokes have been around for at least as long as Shakespeare, but the 1980s was a heyday for the genre — at least in the United ...

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Odds are… (access required)

The U.S. Supreme Court has given a little bit of encouragement to attorneys for Family Dollar as they await word on whether they’ll be invited to argue on the country’s biggest legal stage. The Matthews-based discount stores chain is fending ...

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A note from the doctor (access required)

As a former public defender, this author knows what it is like to feel unprepared for court. Who hasn’t felt the urge to call in sick on trial day? Fortunately, I never did, and given the outcome of a recent ...

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