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There’s someplace like home (access required)

Go big and go home. That was perhaps the philosophy of Thomas Everette Jr. when he chose to reside in ritzy Wakefield Plantation in Raleigh. After the nearly $2 million, 7,700-square-foot home with all the amenities went into foreclosure, Everette ...

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Best in class (access required)

There’s more than one way to rank a law school. While some live and die by the U.S. News & World Report numbers, that list doesn’t take into account every aspect of the law school experience. Those who wonder which ...

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Peanut, peanut butter, jelly (access required)

“Then you take the bread and you spread it, you spread it — you spread it, spread it, spread it.” Sidebar can’t attest to whether several hundred McGuireWoods lawyers and staff members sang while they spread, but they did make ...

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I heart mom (c) (access required)

Video gamers may have noticed a key detail missing from the Carlos Condit character in EA Sports’ recent version of “UFC” – no lion tattoo. EA Sports left out the tattoo to avoid being sued by the martial arts star’s ...

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All indicators are up (access required)

The gradually improving state of the economy and the gentle rise in home prices are allowing many married couples to finally realize their long-delayed dreams … of getting a divorce. During the Great Recession, many couples across the country postponed ...

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You’ve been Facebooked (access required)

In a recent decision, the North Carolina Court of Appeals held that service to an intended recipient was proper even though the FedEx driver executing the service failed to leave the summons and complaint with the recipient. In other words, ...

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