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Dealt a bad Hand (access required)

As lawyers, you’ve all had ungrateful clients. Clients who didn’t appreciate your efforts, didn’t listen to your advice, and so on. But no client, perhaps, has been more ungrateful and downright rude than Ricky Hand, 46, of Springfield, Ohio. According ...

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See, what happened was… (access required)

Alcohol and boating don’t mix, I’ve heard it said. That’s especially true when you’re in a stolen boat and the best story you can come up with to tell authorities after drifting into a restricted area is that you tossed ...

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Not so wild West (access required)

I don’t know how accurate the old Western flicks are that my grandparents seem to be watching every time I’m there, but back then men wore six-guns on their hip like they were standard issue. Welp, times are a changin’. ...

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Bad bookkeeper (access required)

A judge has locked up a white-collar criminal with a history of stealing from the law firm hands that feed her. Felicia Kelley pleaded guilty on June 7 to embezzling more than $100,000 from Yow, Fox & Mannen in Wilmington ...

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Ricky, Robby (access required)

As the father of two young boys, this Sidebar reporter understands that siblings learn from each other and, on occasion, even to look up to each other. But Robby Lynn Hawkins of Rockwood, Tennessee, wanted to be his brother—at least ...

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Who’s your sugar daddy? (access required)

Candice Kashani became the most popular new law school grad in the country a few days ago. And it’s not because she scored a coveted clerkship or spot at a top law firm. The voluptuous, raven-haired Villanova alumna went public ...

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