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Ricky, Robby (access required)

As the father of two young boys, this Sidebar reporter understands that siblings learn from each other and, on occasion, even to look up to each other. But Robby Lynn Hawkins of Rockwood, Tennessee, wanted to be his brother—at least ...

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Who’s your sugar daddy? (access required)

Candice Kashani became the most popular new law school grad in the country a few days ago. And it’s not because she scored a coveted clerkship or spot at a top law firm. The voluptuous, raven-haired Villanova alumna went public ...

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Not legal advice (access required)

Remember back in 2013 when Steve Smith, still with the Carolina Panthers, looked into the NFL Network camera and told then-New England Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib, with whom he had just tussled for the better part of 60 minutes, to ...

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Still locked up (access required)

 Another judge has ruled against Melvin Davis and Licurtis Reels, brothers who have been jailed for civil contempt longer than anyone in North Carolina history. Since 2011, they have refused to comply with a court order requiring them to agree ...

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