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If only Romeo and Juliet had smartphones (access required)

Ever since humans figured out how to use words to represent abstract thoughts, the respectable members of each passing generation have spent quite a bit of time wringing their hands about the moral corruption of their era’s young people. From moving pictures to rock-and-roll music to knee-high skirts, every age has brought a new horror to send its youths slouching to Gomorrah.

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Apathetic Ahab (access required)

A distracted boat captain who inadvertently parked a passenger ferry on a shoal in the middle of his route had a pretty cool gig before the accident. But he’d been living the salt life for so many years that the ...

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Bad cop, bad cop (access required)

There are do’s and don’ts when it comes to taking a new employee under your wing. And in the world of corrections, teaching a brand-new turnkey how to smuggle contraband in and out of prison is a universal no-no. But ...

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Cheater, cheater lawsuit eater (access required)

The old saying about cheaters and prosperity appears to be catching up with adultery website AshleyMadison.com. In 2013, Lawyers Weekly wrote about a North Carolina lawyer who was spinning his wheels trying to serve the Toronto-based site with a lawsuit ...

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Word of the Week: Adumbrate (access required)

Adumbrate: (1) report or represent in outline; (2) indicate faintly; (3) foreshadow or symbolize. From the Supreme Court case, State v. McKinney, by Justice Robert Edmunds: “Although no ‘Chad’ was identified when defendant’s apartment was later searched, this contingency could ...

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They said it (access required)

“Bra, when you come out to get the money, can you bring a fat 25. I got the bread.” A quote of a text from an otherwise unidentified “Chad” in the Supreme Court case of State v. McKinney by Justice ...

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