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No snow day for these students (access required)

Neither snow nor sleet nor cold nor gloom of winter weather could stay North Carolina’s aspiring lawyers from the swift completion of their appointed bar exam. As almost two inches of snow showered the state’s capital Tuesday morning (transplanted Northerners ...

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The man who knew too little (access required)

As a rule, parties to a lawsuit shouldn’t intentionally destroy evidence that could be relevant to the case. But if they do destroy evidence, intentionally or not, it’s better not to leave as lengthy a paper trail of ham-handedness as ...

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We’ll raise a pint to that

Trademark attorneys for North Carolina craft brewery Natty Greene’s were likely buying everyone their next round last week after the beer industry commoner successfully stared down the King of Beers in a trademark dispute. Anheuser-Busch had initially opposed Natty Greene’s ...

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A Sidebar we can cuddle up to (access required)

The legal profession is a stressful one. We all have ways of coping, and creative entrepreneurs are always looking for new ways to meet demand for ways to alleviate stress. If yoga or a massage doesn’t suit you, there are ...

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This makes us feel blue (access required)

A lot of drug cases come through the district courts, and the street slang nomenclature for drugs and drug-dealing is linguistically rich and constantly evolving. Judges, then, become unusually hip to the latest street jargon in the trade, as one ...

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Ghost thruster (access required)

Slip-and-falls are a common occurrence and quite a familiar claim to tort lawyers. There are wet floors, banana peels and similar perils. But claims of angry ghosts violently shoving clients to the deck in law-firm lobbies have to be fewer ...

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