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Wrong kind of swear words in court (access required)

Lawsuits are not like sporting events, and not just because most games can be wrapped up in three hours and produce a clear winner. A player might see little risk in jawing with an umpire or referee after the conclusion of a game—after all, an official can’t throw you out of a game that’s already over. But one South Carolina man learned the hard way that cursing out a judge can have serious repercussions, even after she’s just dismissed your case.

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A simple ‘no’ would have sufficed (access required)

It’s easy to feel bad for someone who missed out on pursuing a claim because they filed their case a few days after the statute of limitations expired. But when you file your case a few decades after the statute of limitations has expired, then we don’t feel so bad. And, apparently, neither does the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Cut the cheese (access required)

Deputies at the Mecklenburg County jail apparently don’t like it when arrestees have trouble keeping a straight face while they’re posing for mug shots.

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Justice gets a slapdown (access required)

As we endure the relentless pounding of political messages in this interminable election season, it’s easy to become discouraged by the general lack of civility and discourse. But take heart: The next generation may prove to be less swayed by the superficial trappings of politics and more intent on pressing candidates on the issues.

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Did I do that? (access required)

You’d think that a bankruptcy lawyer who owns a firm with half a dozen offices in North Carolina would be well-versed on the rules of collecting fees from clients.

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An issue for our times (access required)

Is it ever reasonable for school officials to ask every girl at their school to shake out their shirts and pull out their bras with their thumb, in the presence of at least two adult males, because they got a tip that some students might be carrying some pills? That’s basically the disagreement between the North Carolina Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals in the “bra lift” case out of Brunswick County.

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