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Is Superman’s x-ray vision legal? (access required)


Focusing realistic legal scrutiny on a fantasy world might seem like a drag, but James Daily and Ryan Davidson’s apparent love of both law and superheroes keep them from being killjoys. In advance of their new book “The Law of Superheroes,” Daily answered a couple of Sidebar’s most pressing superhero law questions.

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Hiding it in plain sight (access required)


A federal magistrate in North Carolina has ordered Twitter not to alert anyone about the existence of a search warrant for information associated with a Charlotte man who tweeted about assassinating President Barack Obama. How do we know this? Because we obtained the order, which had been filed under seal, simply by downloading it from the court’s website.

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Snark: The reliable stress reliever (access required)

Apparently, Judge Donna S. Stroud has been picking up a lot of the slack for judges who are busy running for Supreme Court seats. She authored five of the court's six published opinions last week, and perhaps that explains why the opinions last week seemed to be sprinkled with a healthy dose of snark.

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The complexities of place and time (access required)


One of the consequences of living in a flyover state is that people in big-media cities like New York and Washington, D.C. remain chronically unclear about our local geography. Exhibit A: The D.C.-area public relations firm which had to send the same press release three times before getting critical dates and place names straight.

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Ahoy polloi! (access required)


When you’re rich enough to afford a six-figure membership to an exclusive yacht club, perhaps such elementary concepts like the difference between “use” and “buy” become meaningless details. Or maybe you figure somebody will actually read the documents you sign.

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Ban sags under constitutional concerns (access required)

As expected, the weight of legal scrutiny bogged down Dunn’s saggy pants ban. Dunn City Attorney Tilghman Pope told the city council last week that his research into the proposed ban had unearthed too many legal obstacles and that he had drafted no proposal. The council had asked Pope earlier to explore the possibilities of a ban of low-riding trousers.

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