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Intellectual Property – Trademark – Lanham Act – Tort/Negligence – Negligent Misrepresentation – Research Scientist (access required)

Design Resources, Inc. v. Leather Industries of America (Lawyers Weekly No. 14-03-0820, 52 pp.) (William Osteen, J.) 1:10-cv-00157; M.D.N.C. Holding: Defendants made statements in a furniture industry publication about a type of upholstery that contains glued leather fibers and is ...

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Labor & Employment – Civil Rights – Sex & Age Discrimination Claims – Minister’s Exception – Religious Organization (access required)

Kinser v. United Methodist Agency for the Retarded – Western North Carolina, Inc. (Lawyers Weekly No. 14-04-0818, 11 pp.) (Robert Conrad Jr., J.) 3:13-cv-00175; W.D.N.C. Holding: Even though plaintiff testified at his deposition that some people might consider him a ...

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Tort/Negligence – Gross Negligence Claim – Conscious Disregard – Insufficient Allegations – NJROTC – Obstacle Course Fall (access required)

Kelly v. United States (Lawyers Weekly No. 14-02-0817, 11 pp.) (Louise Flanagan, J.) 7:10-cv-00172; E.D.N.C. Holding: Plaintiffs claim many “failures” in defendant’s permitting a teenager to climb a 40-foot tower as part of an obstacle course at the end of ...

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Tort/Negligence – Nursing Home Deaths – Ordinary Negligence Claims – Emotional Distress – Civil Practice – Personal Jurisdiction (access required)

Vandevender v. Blue Ridge of Raleigh, LLC (Lawyers Weekly No. 14-02-0816, 9 pp.) (Terrence Boyle, J.) 5:14-cv-00150; E.D.N.C. Holding: In this case involving three deaths at a nursing home, in addition to their professional negligence claims, plaintiffs also claim ordinary ...

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