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Administrative – Unauthorized Practice of Law – Injunction – Prepaid Legal Service Plans – Online Legal Document Preparation – Website – Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies – Equal Protection – Commercial Disparagement – Monopoly – More Developed Record (access required)

LegalZoom.com, Inc. v. The North Carolina State Bar (Lawyers Weekly No. 14-15-0281, 26 pp.) (James L. Gale, J.) 2014 NCBC 9 Holding: Plaintiff, LegalZoom.com, Inc., has failed to exhaust its administrative remedies. Accordingly, its motion for partial judgment on the ...

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Administrative – Medicaid Provider – Agency Audit – Unpublished Rules – Unreliable Extrapolation (access required)

St. Mary’s Home Care Services, Inc. v. North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance (Lawyers Weekly No. 14-09-0185, 28 pp.) (Beecher Gray, ALJ) 10DHR08206, 11DHR10487 & 12DHR12145 Holding: Where part of the respondent-agency’s basis for finding Medicaid overpayment was the petitioner-provider’s ...

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Administrative – Medicaid Contractor – Delegation of Authority – Local Review Procedure (access required)

Genesis Project 1 Inc. v. N.C. Department of Health & Human Services, Division of Medical Assistance (Lawyers Weekly No. 14-09-0073, 5 pp.) (Donald W. Overby, ALJ) 13DHR17094; OAH Holding: The respondent-agency validly delegated its authority to the respondent-contractor to establish ...

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