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Antitrust – Chiropractic Network – Relevant Market — Civil Practice – Subject Matter Jurisdiction (access required)

Sykes v. Health Network Solutions, Inc. The court determines that it has subject matter jurisdiction over the plaintiff-chiropractors’ claims that defendants have monopoly and monopsony power over the chiropractic market in North Carolina; however, further development of the record is needed to determine whether plaintiffs’ claims fall within the scope of the various sections of G.S. Chapter 75.

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Antitrust – Health Insurance – Chiropractors’ Network – Civil Practice – Preliminary Injunction (access required)

Sykes v. Health Network Solutions, Inc. The plaintiff-chiropractors allege that defendant Health Network Solutions, Inc. – an independent practice association – engages in anticompetitive practices; however, the record is not sufficiently developed to allow the court to find that plaintiffs are likely to succeed on the merits of their antitrust claims.

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Antitrust -Dental Board Action Violates Antitrust Law (access required)

N.C. State Board of Dental Examiners v. Federal Trade Comm’n A state agency that regulates the practice of dentistry cannot overturn a Federal Trade Commission decision that the agency’s efforts to shut down teeth-whitening services performed by non-dentists constituted unfair competition that violated federal antitrust law; the 4th Circuit rejects the state dentistry board’s petition for review of the FTC order.

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Antitrust – Real Property – Multiple Listing Services – Anti-Competitive Bylaws – Putative Class Actions (access required)

Robertson v. Sea Pines Real Estate Companies Inc. The 4th Circuit says plaintiff buyers of real estate brokerage services in South Carolina have stated an antitrust claim under the Sherman Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1, with allegations that defendant brokerages that serve as board members of the local multiple listing service conspired to unfairly restrain market competition.

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