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Contract – Intellectual Property – Trade Secrets – Immigration – Labor & Employment – Tort/Negligence – Dance Studios (access required)

Krawiec v. Manly (Lawyers Weekly No. 020-010-16, 31 pp.) (Louis Bledsoe III, J.) 2016 NCBC 7 Holding: Plaintiffs’ claim for misappropriation of trade secrets fails because plaintiffs have not adequately described the dance routines that the defendant-dancers allegedly misappropriated. Defendants’ ...

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Contract – Labor & Employment – Asset Purchase – Restrictive Covenants – Tort/Negligence – Embezzlement – Civil Practice – Response Brief & Affidavit (access required)

Artistic Southern Inc. v. Lund (Lawyers Weekly No. 15-15-1118, 31 pp.) (Louse Bledsoe III, J.) 2015 NCBC 109 Holding: On the day that plaintiff bought the assets of defendant Lund’s former employer, Lund’s employment contract with his former employer (which ...

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Contract – Construction Management – Owner’s Failure to Pay – Settlement Negotiations – Motion to Amend – Modification & Waiver (access required)

Crystal Coast Investments, LLC v. Lafayette SC, LLC (Lawyers Weekly No. 15-16-1101, 35 pp.) (Linda Stephens, J.) Appealed from Wake County Superior Court (G. Bryan Collins Jr., J.) N.C. App. Unpub. Holding: Once the defendant-project owner ran into financial difficulties, ...

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