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Criminal Practice – Embezzlement – School Secretary – Evidence – Intent – Atypical Purchases & Forged Signatures – Church Embezzlement (access required)

State v. Parker (Lawyers Weekly No. 14-07-0351, 14 pp.) (Wanda Bryant, J.) Appealed from Union County Superior Court (Christopher Bragg, J.) N.C. App. Holding: The state’s evidence of atypical food and item purchases and numerous forged signatures was sufficient for ...

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Criminal Practice – Sexual Offense – Force Element – Surprise Touching (access required)

State v. Henderson (Lawyers Weekly No. 14-07-0348, 8 pp.) (Linda Stephens, J.) Appealed from Wake County Superior Court (Michael O’Foghludha, J.) N.C. App. http://appellate.nccourts.org/opinions/?c=2&pdf=31368 Holding: While the victim was bending over to get something from the bottom shelf of a ...

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Criminal Practice – Attorneys – Ineffective Assistance Claim – Self-Defense Strategy – Informant’s Statements – Defendant’s Drug Dealing – Motion to Dismiss (access required)

State v. Allen (Lawyers Weekly No. 14-07-0345, 18 pp.) (Wanda Bryant, J.) Appealed from Person County Superior Court (Michael Morgan, J.) N.C. App. Holding: Even if defense counsel provided ineffective assistance when she failed to object when defendant was cross-examined ...

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