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2010 Judicial Race Voter Guide: Mark Klass (N.C. Court of Appeals)

Mark Klass

Superior Court judge,
Davidson County

J.D., Campbell University



Q: What makes you the most qualified for this job?

A: My experiences as an assistant district attorney for two years, general practitioner for 12 years and a superior court judge for 12 years qualifies me for a position on the Court of Appeals, and gives me a great understanding of all three aspects of the law. These experiences will benefit me on the Court of Appeals, making decision and following the law, which we are required to do.

Q: Name one important North Carolina appellate court decision in the last 10 years that has made a difference and explain why.

A: As a superior court judge, I feel all the decisions made by the Court of Appeals are important and they all make a difference to one side or the other. I do not feel that I can select one decision that has more significance over another.

Q: What could be done to make the appellate process work better for jurists and lawyers?

A: I think the appellate process needs to be more accessible to the public, jurists and lawyers. Also, I feel there is a need to accelerate the decisions coming from the Court of Appeals in order to get resolutions in a more expedited manner. To me, it seems, it takes too long for some of these decisions to be rendered.

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