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Pitt County auto tort case settles pre-trial for $925,000

Pitt County auto tort case settles pre-trial for $925,000

 Settlement Report

Type of action: Auto accident

Injuries alleged: Leg compound fracture, fractured clavicle, torn rotator cuff

Case name: Nancy G. Batchelor v. Christopher A. Moody, et al.

Case number: 11 CvS 144

Court: Pitt County Superior Court

Verdict or settlement: Suit was filed but plaintiff gave the adjustors additional time to negotiate before retaining defense counsel, and the case was settled before the answer was due.

Date: Feb. 9, 2011

Amount: $925,000

Special damages: $207,000 (medical expenses)                                 

Insurer: Liberty Mutual and N.C. Farm Bureau       

Were liability and/or damages contested? Yes

Was the opposing party represented by legal counsel? No

Has the plaintiff been successful in actually collecting the judgment or settlement? Yes

Plaintiff’s attorney: Bob Probst of Vrsecky, Probst and Associates (Winston-Salem)

Editor’s note: The information in Lawyers Weekly’s verdicts and settlements reports was submitted by the counsel for the prevailing party and represents the attorney’s characterization of the case.

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