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A story well told nearly doubles settlement offer   (access required)

After a video documentary chronicles an elderly widower’s post-crash life, offer climbs close to $1 million

Along a stretch of highway in Western North Carolina, two old soul mates sat side by side in their car, cruising and enjoying each other’s company as they had done many times before, neither knowing this would be their last drive together. A heating oil truck in the opposite lane swerved across the center line and smashed head-on into the couple’s car. A photo taken that afternoon of Jan. 2, 2009, shows Stefan Juchnowycz, then 86, strapped to a stretcher near the wreckage. The roof of his car is sheared off, hood peeled back. His wife, Ingeburg, 90, lies on an orange backboard on the pavement, her neck broken and with a firefighter and paramedic bent over her. Before they were separated and rushed to the hospital, emergency workers wheeled Stefan’s stretcher close to Inge so he could touch her hand.

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