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Camp counselor’s choking ‘game’ results in $1M verdict   (access required)

Counselor was underage and untrained, testimony showed

When the mothers of Dylan Walker and Austin Maness, then 9 and 12, picked up their sons from Clemson University’s Camp Military Kid — a program held at Camp Bob Cooper in Summerton, S.C. for children of deployed soldiers — something was clearly wrong. Dylan was sitting by himself in the back of an otherwise full cafeteria, his eyes bloodshot. Austin was noticeably irritable. Once home, both boys couldn’t sleep. Dylan was wetting the bed and began sleeping with his mother. Austin was distant and angry towards his mother. Neither would say what was wrong until Austin’s mother caught him strangling his younger brother, then 8. That’s when they learned about Ronald “Eddie” Riley, a17-year old camper who’d been elevated to the role of junior counselor and was in charge of a group of four boys, including Walker and Maness.

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