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Leaders in the Law Awards: A letter from the publisher

2012 Leaders in the Law Honorees

For nearly a year now since becoming publisher of North Carolina Lawyers Weekly, I’ve logged thousands of miles across the state talking with lawyers who span the spectrum of the profession. After each of these encounters, I’ve walked away a little wiser and a whole lot more appreciative of the business of lawyering.

Regardless of the side you sit on in the courtroom or the client you represent, you will agree a great attorney exemplifies the best qualities of the profession: effective and dogged representation, civic duty, mentoring and generosity.

Today, we honor 25 lawyers who wrap their arms around these traits. They embrace the noblest ideals of representation. They are your partners, your adversaries, your mentors, your friends.

They are North Carolina Lawyers Weekly’s 2012 Leaders in the Law.

If you’re reading this message on the day of the awards event in Raleigh, thank you for joining us. But if you missed the event, this special section serves as an introduction to the winners. They’re an impressive lot. Nominated and judged by their peers as stand-outs in their profession, they are the ones who look for ways to help rather than waiting to be asked. They lead, not follow.

Whatever the circumstance that led to their decision to make law their vocation, the profession is better for it. More than that, society is better for it, too. These 25 attorneys understand, and demonstrate, that service to their communities isn’t a byproduct of success; in fact success is a byproduct of service.

On behalf of everyone at North Carolina Lawyers Weekly, I extend my sincerest congratulations to the 2012 Leaders in the Law. We are proud to be a part of this recognition, and grateful to the men and women honored this year.

Liz Irwin

North Carolina Lawyers Weekly


Photographs from the awards luncheon are now available to view and purchase!

It’s not too early:
Nominate a colleague now for the 2013 Leaders in the Law awards!

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