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Legal fight over Cumberland shooting range continues

FAYETTEVILLE (AP) — Those living near a shooting range in Cumberland County are preparing for another court fight in their challenge of a permit for the business.

Neighbors have challenged a new permit for the TigerSwan training center, The Fayetteville Observer reported. Residents worry about noise, pollution and safety.

The 900-acre site complies with the latest rules in the county. But those near the range are challenging the new rules.

TigerSwan Inc. of Apex opened the range south of Stedman in 2010.

The shooting range was given a zoning permit as a school. The initial fight over the range ended when the North Carolina Supreme Court refused to overturn a lower court decision in favor of the business.

While that dispute was ongoing, the county issued a new permit as an outdoor recreation for profit. That sparked a new challenge by those living near the center. A hearing on the new rules is scheduled Aug. 26.

TigerSwan CEO Jim Reese said last year the company had invested $1 million in the facility and was ready to spend another $15 million on expansion, but not while faced with the threat of closure by the courts.

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