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4th Circuit slams NC federal prosecutors

RALEIGH (AP) — A federal appeals court says it’s noticing a pattern of federal prosecutors in eastern North Carolina failing to fully turn over evidence that defendants should know in advance of a trial.

A three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says it’s reporting its observations to the Justice Department’s internal investigators.

The problem cases highlighted by the appeals court were prosecuted by attorneys under current U.S. Attorney Thomas Walker and predecessor George Holding, now a U.S. congressman from Raleigh. Both said Tuesday they trusted the work of the professionals they led, but that allegations of misconduct must be treated seriously.

The federal appeals court panel based in Richmond, Va., says judges are “repeatedly confronted” with charges that prosecutors in eastern North Carolina haven’t turned over information as required.





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  1. wonder if this is really a situation of institutional resistance to addressing and or justice directed towards any situation they consider “liberal”…..
    We know for a fact the historical cronyism that has defined NC has certainly not ended in fact one could say it has actually increased and partisan concerns creeping into what should be performances of delegated authority remain awash with politics….?
    I submitted a Motion to proceed (Informa P) with the Eastern District ( filed in Greenville NC) on July 11 2014 !
    Since that time the application and Civil complaint documents started in Greenville, went to Craven Co, and i am told they are now in Raleigh.
    The Clerk tells me a response (ruling) is “pending” ( pending what Christ’s return?)
    The suit may have implications that affect members of Law in this county and or Craven is in fact a pretty clear cut issue to address……….( stalling or denial of a 1st appearance ?formal charging of an offense) FOR 15 YEARS……then the imposition of an arrest in 1013 at which time a new DA in the County in question in fact performed the duty statute and the Constitution “required” way back in 1995 ……!
    I served 3.5 years in NCDC for use of a SINGLE credit card issued in my Fathers name ( he tried to get charges dropped but the Greenville Det refused at the time) ….2 of the charges were in Craven Co ……… other situation existed that would have given Craven Co reason to find guilt apart from the evidence used in the charging in Pitt which initiated the incarceration into NCDC
    Still i was never taken to Craven from arrest to trial then during the entire 3.5 years in NCDC no formal charging from Craven happened ..instead the DA at that time attached a Detainer on my release and after 3.5 years in NCDC A Sheriff from Craven arrested me at the front door of NCDC and carried me to Craven Co where a 1st appearance /formal charging in court finally happened…….
    The charge apparently remained active for 15 years and in 2013 i was arrested “again” on these same 2 charges on that credit card from 1995 ……once before a judicial official the charges have been finally dismissed

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