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What’s worse than Congress? Twerking, maybe

Even if you don’t like how voters answer Public Policy Polling surveys, you’ve got to admire PPP’s questions.

Plenty of pollsters have taken the pulse of the country since the federal government shutdown began but PPP’s take is the only one that made us laugh. Among the poll results released last week: Congress is now less popular than jury duty.

The survey of registered voters found that 73 percent of respondents have a higher opinion of jury duty than of Congress, with just 18 percent favoring the legislative branch to the dreaded civic chore. The poll also asked respondents to compare Congress to Wall Street, witches, hemorrhoids, their mothers-in-law, public radio fundraising campaigns, twerking and zombies, among other things. In those questions, Congress fared worse than everything except twerking, but not by much – 37 percent chose Congress, compared to 33 percent for twerking, while 30 percent still aren’t sure what twerking is. (If you fall in with that 30 percent category, you’ll have to Google “twerking,” but you probably should wait until you get home.)

The other results: Congress 15 percent, Wall Street 46 percent; Congress 32 percent, witches 46 percent; Congress 31 percent, hemorrhoids 53 percent; Congress 20 percent, mothers-in-law 64 percent; Congress 25 percent, public radio fundraising drives 60 percent; and Congress 37 percent, zombies 43 percent.

Congress did fare better when some celebrities were on the other side of that higher-opinion choice. But that’s mostly because the list of celebrities reads like a collection of bad ideas for adult Halloween costumes — Anthony Wiener, Miley Cyrus, Vladimir Putin and Honey Boo Boo.

The full results are at

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