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Here today, gone tomorrow

Well, that didn’t last long.hourglass

World Law South, the debt settlement company that has been facing off against the North Carolina State Bar over allegations that it is engaged in the unauthorized practice of law, is no more.

WLS was formed on Aug. 6, 2013, and dissolved on Feb. 18.

“The directors made a business decision and asked the shareholders to dissolve the company through a shareholder vote,” said A.P. Carlton, a Raleigh attorney who represents the now-defunct company.

He incorporated World Law South for its parent company, World Law Group, which the state bar says is subject to an injunction that was issued in 2013 before WLS existed.

“The purpose of creating World Law South was to create a corporation that could do business in North Carolina and provide a business plan the courts could rule on,” Carlton said.

He declined to say how much business WLS did in the year and a half that it was operational. The company dissolved shortly after the state bar filed a motion seeking to have WLS and Carlton held in contempt for allegedly violating the injunction.

The bar argued in its contempt motion that WLS was created to circumvent the injunction. Original incorporation papers filed with the secretary of state listed Carlton as a member of the company’s board of directors, but his name was removed in a subsequent amended filing.

Carlton said that his client was “ambushed unfairly,” referring to the bar’s contempt motion. He asserted that by dissolving, WLS has prevented the court from holding it in contempt.

“The company can no longer engage in business in North Carolina,” Carlton said “There’s no future conduct to enjoin and therefore the contempt motion is moot.”

The bar’s attorneys do not comment on pending litigation and they had not filed anything with the court in response to WLS’s latest move.

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