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Charlotte attorney suspended

Attorney: Diedra Lynn Whitted

Location: Charlotte

Bar membership: Member since 1987

Disciplinary action: Stay of suspension dissolved and three-year suspension activated on Nov. 2

Background: In June 2010, Whitted was suspended from the practice of law for three years pursuant to a consent order. The suspension was stayed for three years so long as Whitted complied with certain conditions. In November 2012, Whitted and the North Carolina State Bar entered into a second consent order finding that Whitted had violated those conditions. The original stay was dissolved, but Whitted’s suspension was once again stayed for a fresh three years, again subject to conditions. Whitted then violated the conditions of the second stay, specifically failing to meet with her monitoring attorney as scheduled, failing to pay her dues in a timely fashion, failing to comply with CLE requirements and failing to provide the bar with copies of monthly and quarterly reconciliations of her trust account. As a result, the suspension was activated.

Previous discipline: Whitted was reprimanded in 2003 for failing to timely respond to a fee dispute and censured in 2004 for paying herself an excessive fee for representing an estate.

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