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Funny money

North Carolina legislators have made some questionable moves lately.

But reports circulating on social media about lawmakers passing legislation that bans the use of the $20 bill in the Tar Heel State as a reaction to Andrew Jackson’s mug being replaced with Harriet Tubman’s portrait are false.

Apparently, the hoax originated with a story in the National Report, a fake news website that touts itself as “America’s #1 Independent News Source.”

“A study funded by the North Carolina government determined issuing Andrew Jackson stickers for citizens to affix to the new bills over the Tubman likeness would be far too costly a measure. It was decided that an outright ban makes the most sense,” the report stated.

“Under the new ban, mandatory cash exchanges will be made available for citizens undertaking commerce outside the state,” it continued. “Before entering the state, North Carolinians would be required to cash in their Tubman bills for equal non-Tubman currency or risk fines and possible jail sentences.”

The article went on to state that first-time offenders would face misdemeanor charges and their Tubman bills would be confiscated.

“Penalties will increase for each subsequent offense,” the report added. noted in a post about the farcical article that the portrait change has led to a “number of rumors and hoaxes, such as a fake news story about Klan members committing suicide” and “an exaggerated claim that Tubman was a ‘gun-toting Democrat shooting’ Republican.”

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