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Apodaca announces retirement from North Carolina Senate

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — A powerful Republican in the North Carolina General Assembly has announced his retirement after 14 years in the Senate.
Republican Sen. Tom Apodaca of Henderson County released a statement Friday after notifying Gov. Pat McCrory.
Apodaca called his time in the Senate an honor of a lifetime and thanked friends, colleagues and family for their support.
Apodaca was a close ally of Senate leader Phil Berger and oversaw the flow of legislation through committees and onto the floor as rules committee chairman.
Apodaca said last fall he would not run for re-election and said he expected to focus on broader businesses interests.
Republican Sen. Bob Rucho of Mecklenburg County, and Reps. Leo Daughtry of Johnston County and Roger West of Cherokee County have also said they are not seeking re-election.

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