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For clerk, a fine and proper adieu

David Donovan//August 31, 2016

For clerk, a fine and proper adieu

David Donovan//August 31, 2016

An Office of Administrative Hearings clerk who is retiring after 30 years in her job has received a send-off befitting her position—an official ruling by the OAH “approving” her retirement.

Styled as “In the matter of the appeal of Kim Hausen, Restraining Order and Injunction,” the ruling filed Aug. 31 lauds Hausen for her 30 years of service to the OAH, where she will clearly be sorely missed.

“That was effectively a thirty year sentence of hard labor. It is now time for Kim to be paroled—with conditions, of course,” reads the order, signed Chief Administrative Law Judge Julian Mann and Senior Administrative Law Judge Fred Morrison.

“Kim’s retirement is conditionally approved as long as she remains on good behavior. Good behavior shall include but not be limited to frequent visits to OAH and to fill in as required.”

It’s nice to see that the judges of the OAH are happy to crack a few jokes at their own expense, although we’re sure life at the OAH isn’t nearly as bad as they’re making it out to be.

In its “Conclusions of Law,” the order finds that “There is just cause for Kim’s retirement. She put up with all of us for thirty years, and that took a mighty fine effort. Wherefore, it is hereby adjudged, decreed and determined that Kim be paroled from her 30-year sentence but she is restrained and enjoined to return often and check on us and keep us going for a few more generations.”

Happy retirement, Kim.


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