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Asheboro attorney suspended

Attorney: Shaun L. Hayes

Location: Asheboro

Bar membership: Member since 2003

Disciplinary action: Suspended from the practice of law for two years on Nov. 29. After one year, Hayes may apply for a stay of the remaining period of the suspension.

Background: A client filed a petition to resolve a disputed fee paid to Hayes after the client learned that Hayes had previously represented the adverse party’s husband in an unrelated matter. In response to the petition, Hayes attached a copy of what he represented was the fee agreement between himself and the client, signed by the client. In reality, the client had not signed the fee agreement, and Hayes had written the client’s name on the signature line of the agreement to falsely represent that she had signed it. The client filed a grievance against Hayes after the fee dispute petition was dismissed. In his response to the grievance, Hayes adamantly denied the allegation that he wrote the client’s signature on the agreement, but after a handwriting expert opined that the client was not the person who had written the signature, Hayes admitted that he had written it.

Previous discipline: None

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