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West Jefferson attorney suspended

Attorney: Andrew C. Jackson Jr.

Location: West Jefferson

Bar membership: Member since 2010

Disciplinary action: Suspended from the practice of law for three years on Jan. 12. The suspension is stayed for a period of four years so long as Jackson complies with certain conditions.

Background: Jackson maintained a trust account in connection with his law practice and employed a non-lawyer assistant, Pamela Roark, as a paralegal and office manager. Jackson had direct supervisory authority over Roark, whose job duties included bookkeeping and monitoring the firm’s handling of entrusted funds. Jackson failed to review trust account bank statements, reconcile or otherwise monitor the account, or review Roark’s handling of entrusted funds. In June 2012, Jackson discovered that Roark had misappropriated money from the account, but failed to undertake a full review of the account or report the theft of account funds to the state bar. Jackson continued to employ Roark at the firm and delegate the firm’s handling of entrusted funds to her. In August 2013, Jackson discovered additional theft of entrusted funds by Roark and terminated her employment, but failed to promptly report the second theft of funds to the state bar. Jackson reported the theft to the bar and law enforcement after a random audit of his trust account revealed numerous failures to properly monitor. In total, Roark misappropriated approximately $79,000 in entrusted funds from Jackson’s account.

Previous discipline: None

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