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Oh, deer

Imagine having to make this call: “Yes, honey, I’m still at the Charlotte airport and I’ll be late. Our plane had a problem. We, um, hit a deer”

Sounds like Santa was a few months late, and either Donder or Blitzen won’t be reporting to work any time soon. But this actually happened at CLT on Feb. 15.

An American Eagle flight struck a deer while taking off (don’t they watch the runways for stray animals?).

The pilot declared an emergency and returned to the terminal, a spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration said. The plane was headed to Gulfport, Mississippi.

Good thing, too. American Airlines spokeswoman Katie Cody said the aircraft was leaking fuel as a result of the deer strike. TV stations showed damage to one of the right front wing flaps of the CRJ700 jet, and emergency personnel sprayed foam on the aircraft as a precaution.

Nobody was hurt, except maybe the deer. There were 44 passengers on the flight. They were last seen on buses making their way back to the terminal.

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