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Charlotte attorney reinstated

Attorney: William Tripp McKeny

Location: Charlotte

Bar membership: Member since 2003

Disciplinary action: Reinstated to the practice of law and also suspended from the practice of law for two years on June 8. The newest suspension is effective immediately upon his reinstatement and is stayed for two years so long as McKeny complies with certain conditions.

Background: McKeny was suspended from the practice of law for three years in November 2013 for using client funds to cover more than $5,000 of business expenses incurred in processing credit card payments and for using entrusted funds designated for clients’ court costs to satisfy immediate personal and business obligations. By that time, McKeny had already relocated to Colorado, but was still the counsel of record for many pending cases in North Carolina. During his wind-down period, McKeny failed to properly withdraw from pending cases or notify all of his clients that he was suspended, and many of the clients did not learn they were unrepresented until their next court date. McKeny also failed to return the unearned fees to which many clients were entitled. McKeny filed a petition for reinstatement Feb. 7, and the DHC found that his post-suspension misconduct should not preclude his return to the practice of law, resolving the reinstatement and disciplinary proceeding in tandem.

Previous discipline: None prior to the 2013 suspension.

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