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Bring on the mimosa

A running “funny” in this Sidebar reporter’s household is calling mimosas — the wonderful concoction of champagne and citrus juice — “mimosos.” The colloquialism spawned from an episode of “Bridezillas” in which the nettled wife-to-be exclaimed that while she didn’t know what a “mimoso” was, she wanted one and didn’t have one.

That same sentiment, the wanting one part, has likely been echoed by brunchers all across North Carolina at one point or another, as state law has prohibited the selling of alcohol before noon on Sundays.

But break out the finest meats and cheeses and prepare to chase them with the beverage of your choice: Senate Bill 155, popularly known as the “brunch bill,” was signed by Gov. Roy Cooper June 30 and allows establishments to start serving mimoso…mimosas, Bloody Marys, sangria, and whatever other breakfast booze brews your heart desires at 10 a.m.

And for those looking to start tailgating or prepping early (football season is right around the corner) retail stores will also be allowed to start selling beer at that hour.

This puts North Carolina among the majority of states, with minimal prohibitions on Sunday alcohol sales. And randomly and as an aside, it reminds this Sidebar reporter of the best brunch he ever had: an endless supply of oysters, shrimp, and mimosas on the Vegas strip.

“I don’t know what a mimoso is … but I want one.”

Well now, regardless of whether you can pronounce it properly or not, you can have one.

Heath Hamacher

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