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Greensboro attorney has suspension stayed

Attorney: Nicholas S. Ackerman

Location: Greensboro

Bar membership: Member since 1998

Disciplinary action: A one-year suspension from the practice of law, which had been stayed, was activated on Oct. 31.

Background: Ackerman was suspended on Jan. 25 for failing to keep a client reasonably informed about the status of her case, failing to promptly comply with the client’s reasonable request for information, and failing to participate in good faith in the fee dispute resolution process. The suspension was stayed for two years so long as Ackerman complied with certain conditions. A panel of the Disciplinary Hearing Commission found that Ackerman had failed to comply with several of the conditions, including regular meetings with his monitoring attorney and the payments of costs and fees, and activated his suspension.

Previous discipline: Ackerman was censured in November 2014 for filing incomplete adoption paperwork and then failing to complete it, and for failing to regularly communicate with the client about the status of her case. He was also reprimanded in August 2010 for neglecting a client’s case and failing to communicate with the client about the case.

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