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State Bar executive director announces retirement

The North Carolina State Bar’s executive director is resigning in a year — and it’s likely, though not yet certain, that the agency’s assistant director will be chosen as the successor.

Tom Lunsford, who has served on the State Bar for nearly four decades, has announced that he will step down Dec. 31, 2018, according to a news release from the State Bar. He has been the executive director for 26 years.

Lunsford wrote in a September letter to the agency’s then-president, Mark Merritt, that he was spurred to retire as a result of his “desire to try to be useful in a different way in my seniority, and my feeling that, going forward, the State Bar will be best served administratively by my stepping aside in favor of someone else with more energy and a fresh perspective.”

While Lunsford’s successor has not been officially named, the State Bar’s assistant director and ethics counsel, Alice Mine, plans to seek the State Bar Council’s approval to move up to the executive director position.

The State Bar described Mine as “the right person for the job” in the announcement for Lunsford’s retirement and said the agency’s officers had expressed “great delight” that she will seek to succeed Lunsford as executive director. She joined the State Bar in 1993.

The State Bar’s current president, John Silverstein, applauded Lunsford for doing a “magnificent job of assembling a loyal and dedicated staff.” He also said Lunsford’s “departure after more than 37 years of service to the State Bar will provide us with an opportunity to examine our organizational structure in a new light.”

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