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Durham attorney suspended

Attorney: Darin P. Meece

Location: Durham

Bar membership: Member since 1995

Disciplinary action: Suspended from the practice of law for one year on Dec. 13

Background: Meece served as the closing attorney for the purchase and sale of a piece of real property in Durham in 2015. The deed prepared by another attorney contained an error in the description of the land to be conveyed. After the original deed was recorded, Meece prepared a second deed intended to correct the error. In order for the second deed to be effective the seller would have to sign or authorize it. Without the seller’s knowledge or permission, Meece signed the seller’s name as the grantor in the second deed and then notarized the false signature. Meece then then recorded the second deed with the intention of inducing the register of deeds to believe that it had in fact been signed by the seller.

Previous discipline: None

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