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Polar bear-tex

Give the North Carolina Zoo credit for trying.

During the miserable cold snap that has given the Carolinas snow, ice, freezing rain and temperatures that border on obscene, the NC Zoo, based in Asheboro, figured, hey, come see our polar bears. This is their time.

According to The Associated Press, the polar bears and other cold-tolerant animals, such as Arctic foxes and elk, will be on display. Tickets were to discounted, because, well, would you rather sit by the fire with the hound at your feet, sipping…something? Or would you bundle up the kids to their eyeballs to see a cold polar bear? Well, zoo officials were thinking ahead, promising heated habitat complexes and transportation to stay warm.

Animals native to Africa, such as lions, gorillas and elephants, will be kept inside.

Sidebar notes it’s a good thing they caught that guy who was trying to mail Arizona rattlers to South Carolina last month (see Sidebar, Dec. 25). In this weather, the recipient would be opening a box of snake-sicles.

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