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Charlotte attorney suspended

Attorney: Lisa A. Page

Location: Charlotte

Bar membership: Member since 2004

Disciplinary action: Suspended from the practice of law for two years on Feb. 14. The suspension is stayed for two years so long as Page complies with certain conditions.

Background: Page’s law practice includes real estate closings. Page maintained a bank account that she used for earnest money. The account was not maintained as a trust account even though Page held trusted funds in the account. For the first half of 2015, Page did not conduct quarterly reconciliations of that account or her designated trust account. During this period, Page tracked deposits and disbursements of client funds for both of these accounts without maintaining dedicated client ledgers for the transactions. Page could not identify the owners of all the entrusted funds in the accounts, and transactions recorded on an office ledger could not always be paired, and where they could be paired, some disbursements took place before deposits.

Previous discipline: Page was reprimanded in November 2009 for assisting a South Carolina lawyer in engaging in the unauthorized practice of law in North Carolina.

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