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Lillington attorney suspended

Attorney: Jesse W. Jones

Location: Lillington

Bar membership: Member since 1994

Disciplinary action: Suspended from the practice of law for one year on Feb. 11. The suspension is stayed for three years so long as Jones complies with certain conditions.

Background: In 2013, Jones was representing a client in a domestic case. While in the hallway of the courthouse in Lillington, Jones became upset and started yelling at opposing counsel and otherwise acting in an unprofessional manner. In a subsequent phone call to a different attorney, Jones cursed at the attorney and disparaged her personally. In a mediation in another domestic case, Jones stormed into the room where the opposing party was located and screamed at opposing counsel and cursed at her. In a separate incident involving yet another opposing attorney, Jones yelled and cursed at the attorney while both were in a courthouse lawyer’s lounge. In 2015, Jones took pictures of witnesses against a criminal defendant he was representing while in close proximity to the witnesses, leading them to believe that Jones was trying to intimidate them as potential witnesses or harass them.

Previous discipline: Jones was admonished in 1999 for lending a client funds to put toward paying bond, and reprimanded in November 2008 for speaking to the press and playing an audiotape of allegedly exculpatory evidence during the pendency of his client’s criminal case.

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