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No jury, no duty

A mailing snafu left a judge in Forsyth County so desperate to find a jury for a trial that he sent deputies out onto the streets and to a local mall with orders to round up as many volunteer jurors as they could find.

And how many civic-minded folks did the deputies find?


Superior Court Judge Stuart Albright’s week got off to a bad start on Feb. 26, when no one showed up for jury duty, leading to the discovery that unnamed “county officials” had failed to mail about 1,700 jury duty notices, according to a report from the Winston-Salem Journal.

The newspaper reported that “court officials quickly realized there was a problem and reached out to a local television station, WXII, to recruit people willing to volunteer for jury duty on Tuesday morning. Only 19 people came to jury duty on Tuesday.”

After the deputies returned to the courthouse empty-handed, Albright dismissed the 19 volunteers from her courtroom and continued the trial.

Kirby Robinson, the county’s property manager, told the Winston-Salem Journal that county officials would prevent this kind of mess from happening again.

But if there is a recurrence, it’s not likely to cause much of an uproar.

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