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Matthews attorney censured

Attorney: Harry C. Marsh

Location: Matthews

Bar membership: Member since 2010

Disciplinary action: Censured on Feb. 22

Background: Marsh represented a married couple in a foreclosure proceeding on their home. The couple chose to pursue a short sale, and Marsh used his own company to submit an initial offer on the home. Marsh knowingly made the bid for the sole purpose of staving off the bank from initiating a sale. Marsh admitted that the sham offer he submitted had the propensity to possibly trick the bank into thinking that a full short sale package had been submitted. Although Marsh claimed that he never intended to follow through on the purchase, he nevertheless placed himself in a position to purchase the property, putting his interests in clear conflict with those of his clients. Additionally, the Grievance Committee found that Marsh had a conflict of interest when he steered business to his wife, a real estate agent, in the possible short sale. The committee also found that Marsh made two misleading statements to a State Bar deputy counsel about what he had told the lender and the lender’s local counsel regarding the sham offer.

Previous discipline: None

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