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Florida attorney suspended

Attorney: J. Ronald Denman

Location: Tampa, Florida

Bar membership: Member since 2008

Disciplinary action: Suspended from the practice of law for 30 days as an imposition of reciprocal discipline on Feb. 22

Background: In November 2016 the Supreme Court of Florida suspended Denman for 30 days, predicated on a finding that Denman engaged in a conflict of interest and actions inconsistent with orderly judicial proceedings. In 2011 Denman represented a client, who was also his prior employer, in a deposition. Denman faced a potential conflict of interest between his own interest in the proceeding, and that of his former employer. Earlier that year, while working as in-house counsel for the client, Denman had obtained a loan from the company without obtaining a written waiver of conflict and failed to fully and properly document the transactions, complicating the legal proceeding.

Previous discipline: None

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