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NC man acquitted in wife’s death reaches $200K settlement

WINSTON-SALEM (AP) The attorney for a dentist acquitted of a murder charge in his estranged wife’s death says his client has reached a $200,000 settlement in his lawsuit alleging that State Bureau of Investigation agents in North Carolina tried to frame him.

Attorney John Vermitsky said the settlement was reached in the lawsuit filed in 2011 by Dr. Kirk Alan Turner. That lawsuit said two SBI agents fabricated blood evidence at his trial.

The jury found Turner not guilty by reason of self-defense. Turner said his wife, Jennifer, stabbed him in the groin with a 7-foot spear.

Testimony showed Jennifer Turner’s trachea and windpipe were cut, and her jugular vein and carotid artery were hit. Her cervical spine was cut in two places.

The settlement was reached during mediation in March.

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