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Sheriff candidate: Investigation of him is ‘dirty politics’

NEWTON (AP) A sheriff’s candidate in North Carolina says he wasn’t involved in the sealing of a search warrant that shows authorities are investigating him for possible misdemeanors including stalking.

No charges have been filed against Jason Reid, who described the investigation as “dirty politics” at a news conference May 7, the day before votes were cast in the Catawba County sheriff’s primary election.

Reid, who is the son of the current sheriff and a former narcotics officer, lost the election to Newton Police Chief Don Brown by a large margin.

A judge unsealed a redacted version of the warrant May 4 after The Associated Press and other media groups filed a motion.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint last August after a tracking device was found on Reid’s ex-girlfriend’s vehicle. Reid said the devices are stored in a room where the woman had waited for him.

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