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Durham attorney has motion to reinstate denied

Attorney: Tracey E. Cline

Location: Durham

Bar membership: Member since 1989

Disciplinary action: Cline’s motion to have her license to practice law reinstated was denied on May 7

Background: Cline was the district attorney for Durham County. Beginning in 2011, she made repeated statements impugning the honesty and integrity of a superior court judge. In documents filed with the court, Cline alleged that the judge was corrupt, a false statement that made with reckless disregard for the truth. Around the same time, Cline submitted requests for three inmates’ prison records to which she was not entitled, making false and misleading statements to the court about the reason for her request and failing to provide notice of the requests to the inmates. After being publicly admonished by the court over the matter, Cline continued making false and inflammatory statements about Hudson, resulting in the entry of an order removing her from office. Cline was suspended from the practice of law for five years in June 2015, with the ability to apply for a stay of the suspension after two years. The Disciplinary Hearing Commission found that Cline was not entitled to a stay at this time. This is the second time the DHC has denied a motion by Cline for a stay, having denied a similar motion in December 2017.

Previous discipline: None prior to the current suspension

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