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Greenville attorney suspended

Attorney: Phillip Entzminger

Location: Greenville

Bar membership: Member since 2009

Disciplinary action: Suspended from the practice of law for two years on April 30. After six months, Entzminger may apply for a stay of the remaining portion of the suspension.

Background: Entzminger was an assistant district attorney in Pitt County. In a DWI case, a police officer was unavailable to testify as state’s witness, and Entzminger falsely told a superior court judge that he had learned of this unavailability only minutes before a hearing on the state’s motion for a continuance. When the judge asked why the state hadn’t called the case earlier, Entzminger said there were felonies on the docket, a misrepresentation which he knew or should have known was false. Entzminger subsequently filed a prosecutor’s dismissal and explanation for the case that showed disregard for the dignity of the court, demonstrated discourteous conduct degrading to the court, and bred disrespect for the legal profession.

Previous discipline: None

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