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That dotSucks

DotSucks has been stirring things up since at least 2015, when Fortune magazine called it “the most controversial domain name on the internet.”

Back then, the company behind www.get.sucks, Vox Populi Registry Ltd., was making headlines for selling .sucks website addresses for thousands of dollars more than typical .com domains. The business was based on a bet that companies would pay top dollar to secure .sucks websites in their names and protect their reputations before a disgruntled customer or competitor bought the same site.

The model seems to have worked. Visit apple.sucks and you’ll be routed to a product feedback page for Apple Inc.

Now, the Vox Populi Registry, apparently in need of more dotSucks attention, is touting the launch of a new site called trademarkinfringement.sucks “to bring awareness to the negative impacts domains may have on a brand or network,” states a May 14 news release.

Wait a second. So dotSucks has created a website to highlight the negative ramifications of its existence?

“At .SUCKS, we’ve watched as companies have tried to purchase their own domain names in the past, only to have been beaten to the punch by an alternative force,” Vox Populi Registry’s CFO Christina Beavis said in a news release.

“We want to help educate our users about what can be an overlooked threat to brands, so they can ensure that they purchase at a much earlier stage, and certainly before it’s too late,” she added.

In other words, don’t be Columbia Sportswear, which failed to buy columbiasportswear.sucks before a competitor who accused Columbia of stealing its trade secrets snapped up the site. Medium.com reported the Columbia dotSucks story in April 2017, but the .sucks site seems to be down now.

Meanwhile, lawyersweekly.sucks is still available for a mere $199.
But don’t get any ideas.

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