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Hendersonville attorney suspended

Attorney: Scott H. Shelton

Location: Hendersonville

Bar membership: Member since 1993

Disciplinary action: Suspended from the practice of law for three years on June 6. After one year, Shelton may apply for a stay of the remaining period of the suspension.

Background: A random procedural audit of Shelton’s trust account revealed numerous deficiencies in his management of the account. A subsequent investigative audit revealed further failures, including failure to perform quarterly reconciliations, failing to identify the client on all deposit slips, failing to provide written accountings to clients with funds in the trust account for more than 12 months, failure to escheat unidentified or abandoned funds, and disbursing more funds from the account for a particular client than were deposited in the fund on behalf of that client.

Previous discipline: Shelton was admonished in 2001 and censured in 2018.

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