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Matthews attorney suspended

Attorney: Jeffrey G. Dalrymple

Location: Matthews

Bar membership: Member since 1989

Disciplinary action: Suspended from the practice of law for three years on June 6. That suspension is stayed for three years so long as Dalrymple complies with certain conditions.

Background: In 2014, Dalrymple became a “partner” with “Upright Law” in Illinois. Upright maintains a website advertising that it can provide legal representation for consumers filing for bankruptcy nationwide. Consumers who contact Upright discuss their matters with non-lawyers based in Illinois. Dalrymple was responsible for supervising these non-lawyers, but rarely spoke with them and was not privy to their conversations with the clients. Moreover, entrusted funds paid by North Carolina clients were maintained by Upright in an interest-earning account that was not an eligible bank, and Dalrymple failed to supervise the handling of those entrusted funds. Some of the legal services performed for Dalrymple’s clients were performed by non-lawyer employees of Upright Law that he did not supervise or control. Additionally, in his own law practice, Dalrymple commingled attorney and client funds in his trust account, failed to conduct required reconciliations, and failed to escheat unidentified or abandoned funds.

Previous discipline: None

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