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Huntersville attorney suspended

Attorney: Brent F. King

Location: Huntersville

Bar membership: Member since 1996

Disciplinary action: Suspended from the practice of law for two years on July 30. The suspension is stayed for two years so long as King complies with certain conditions.

Background: Between November 2014 and February 2015—a time when his law firm was experiencing sufficient financial difficulty—King issued approximately 35 checks payable to cash drawn from his firm’s trust account, which is a violation of trust accounting rules. In addition, the checks did not indicate from which client accounts the payments were drawn. King either cashed the checks or deposited them into an account for his personal use. King had been failing to promptly disburse his legal fees from the trust account, so he had enough money in the account to cover the disbursements, so the checks were not funded using client funds. King also failed to properly account for either the disbursements to himself, or for earnest money deposits he received on behalf of clients, on the client ledgers.

Previous discipline: None

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