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Lincolnton attorney reprimanded

Attorney: Blair M. Pettis

Location: Lincolnton

Bar membership: Member since 2007

Disciplinary action: Reprimanded on May 30

Background: Pettis was appointed to represent a client on criminal charges. He failed to meet or communicate with the client despite numerous requests from family members, and he neglected the case by failing to file a discovery motion. Pettis failed to file a motion to withdraw when it became clear that he could not adequately represent the client. Pettis also told the client that he filed a motion for a bond reduction, the clerk of court confirmed that he never did so.

Previous discipline: A Lincoln County Superior Court judge suspended Pettis from the practice of law until further notice on Jan. 3. due to “an unfortunate incident” occurred in open court in that county in January 2017.

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